Friday, 6 December 2013



twentytwo years old.
blackbelt in mixed martial arts (which she studied for 7 years).
slim & healthy.
a student nurse (she took vitamins everyday).
never had anything more than a cold.

my Grandad (married into the family) is going through chemotherapy for lung cancer at the moment and i remember, when we got the diagnosis thinking 'were so lucky that nothing awful runs in our family'.

a week before we were due to go on holiday (12th august) my sister posted a picture on Facebook showing herself lying in bed with the caption 'poorly with a chest infection'. typical! a couple of days before we go on holiday, that we've been excited for for a year, and one of us is ill!

my mum&dad had flown out a week earlier and Stacey, Kierran, Dan and I were due to meet them in Palma Nova on the 18th August.

i got a Facebook message from Kierran on the Friday (we were due to fly on the Sunday) saying 'call me now ASAP' i was in the cinema watching Kickass 2 and immediately panicked thinking something had happened to Stacey, my mum or dad. i left the film and rang him, Stacey answered telling me not to panic and that she had  been rushed to hospital as the antibiotics she was on for her chest infection were too strong and she collapsed at the doctors. she was okay and they were sending her home.

Stacey was given more antibiotics to help the cramps and sickness and sent home. i called her on Saturday morning, she was staying with my Grandma to be looked after, and she was really poorly.

they were due to drive to my flat around half 10 that evening, however i got a phone call at half 9 from my Aunty telling me that sometime in the afternoon Stacey had gone blind. the doctors thought it was due to the antibiotics she was given and basically dismissed her. she was BLIND and having such SEVERE stomach cramps she had to be pushed out of hospital in a wheelchair.

they declared her fit to fly. they managed to drive to us just in time to leave for the airport at 4am

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