Friday, 6 December 2013



we had been looking forward to our holiday for a year. it was the first one I had been on with my family for a few years so we talked about it quite a lot and were so excited. there were a few of us going: mum&dad, grandma&grandad, Stacey&kierran and me&dan.

we should really have known it was destined to be a failure, a few months ago my Grandad was diagnosed with lung cancer. he had an operation pretty much straight away to remove the tumours then had to wait a couple of weeks to find out if he was clear and if he needed further treatment. this meant he couldn't fly out on holiday with us.
luckily my grandma and granddad both got their money back under insurance, but we were all upset they couldn't join us on holiday.

it was an ongoing joke for months that my mum&dad would be on holiday for two weeks on their own for the first time in 30 years of being together but thankfully they had an amazing first week before we joined them.

I still look back on that night, when Stacey and Kierran drove up to us in Nottingham to go to the airport. should I have done more? told her she absolutely couldn't come on holiday still being blind and couldn't walk? would the hospital have caught it quicker if she had stayed in Coventry or dismissed her again?

Stacey spent the first few days in her hotel room, she was in so much pain but didn't want to ruin our holiday. she slept, we took her food and water, she slept some more. we had a pretty normal start to the holiday and it makes me feel guilty every day.

she was slowly dying from dehydration and kidney failure and we had no idea at all.

she had sickness and diarrhoea, she was barely eating anything and could still barely walk. by Wednesday Stacey was fed up of being in her room and asked us to hire her a wheelchair. we took her all over the place in it! go karting, the beach and the pub after dinner.

Thursday evening, after spending the day on the beach, we went to an Irish pub and had a few drinks, then back to the hotel for a few more. Kierran and my mum put Stacey to bed because she wasn't feeling very well. when my mum came back downstairs she looked really nervous and upset. Stacey had broken down and sobbed about the pain she was in, she had never felt pain like it. that's when we knew we had to do something more than just hydrate her.

we rang a taxi and my mum, Kierran and I bundled Stacey into it and took her to the local walk in centre. they told us to get her straight into the hospital. as soon as we arrived at the university hospital she was rushed straight in and put on a drip.

we were told if we had left her much longer she could have died. whatever liquids we were giving her were no where close to how much she was losing.

Kierran and I were in the waiting room for 5 hours before mum came out to see us. we assumed Stacey would be fine after being  on a drip, she just needed to be rehydrated and she would be fine.
the doctor told us that Stacey's kidney had failed, it was touch and go on whether she would be okay or not.

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