Friday, 6 December 2013



Today marks exactly 8 weeks since we took Stacey into hospital in Palma and exactly 9 weeks since she first started feeling ill.
amazingly after those long, awful weeks, she is home.
part of me thinks these last few weeks have flown by, it all happened so fast, yet reliving them feels like Stacey has been ill for months.

she is quite honestly the bravest person I’ve ever known.

instead of crying and lying in bed all day feeling sorry for herself she is constantly trying to ‘escape’ and walk around for herself, she is even talking about getting training into using a walking cane and a guide dog!

even in hospital in Palma she was always the one comforting us all. when I was first allowed to see her, lying in the hospital bed surrounded by monitors and tubes I burst into tears. i’ve never ever seen her look so little. she’s so lively, full of laughter and to be quite honest, boisterous. seeing her lying there was awful. she didn’t cry though, she hugged me and told me to stop being so silly, she was going to be fine. Stacey is still like that with everyone that cries around her.

we had to fly home on the Sunday, after we took her into hospital on the Thursday night. we were told that the dialysis that she was having wasn’t working and that she would have to have surgery. my mum came back to the hotel to help us pack and to get hers and Stacey’s bag ready.

when we found out that Stacey would need to be kept in the hospital in Palma for a few weeks, me and my dad had to organise the insurance for us to stay with her. the lady that worked for Jet2 was incredible, she was so helpful and really put our minds at ease. she practically sorted everything out for us. however, because we had separate insurance only one person would be covered under her name. so my mum was going to stay. we couldn’t just leave her on her own though, at that time my mum was a mess, cried every time someone talked to her, not eating or sleeping and nearly collapsed on me when she came back to our hotel. we were really worried. in the end, literally the night before we were due to leave my dad decided he was staying, he couldn’t leave them both.

he was incredible. he really kept my mum strong over the 3 weeks they were in Palma.

one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life was leaving my mum, dad and Stacey in a different country with her about to undergo surgery. Kierran was a mess too. I just kept thinking, what if that was the last time i was ever going to see her? what if i never get to tell her i love her again? the last goodbye we had wasn’t long enough. she told me I was the best sister she could ever have hoped for. I wish that was true.

we left the hotel early Sunday morning driving away from my dad, crying, to the airport.

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