Friday, 6 December 2013



in all my life i can't remember a time when i have ever cried so much. people only have to look at me and i'm a mess. my mum is worse, she can talk about what's happening to Stacey over and over again, medical terms and everything, but when someone asks how SHE is she can't hold back tears.

i guess i needed an outlet. somewhere i can vent and tell our story even if nobody else reads it. kind of a diary for Stacey to look back on if she ever wants to.

my healthy, happy, beautiful, larger than life sister is currently in hospital and the doctors have no idea what is wrong with her.

apparently there are 5 stages of kidney failure and you go through each one before your kidneys give out, this would usually take months.

stacey's kidneys died in less than a week. they went from healthy to non existent in days.

i guess i'm starting her story.

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