Friday, 4 April 2014


Well, what a month! It's been non stop craziness since the 1st March and it's all been awesome!
March was the month of my 26th birthday, my Uncle's 40th and my Mums birthday weekend away to the Lake District.
My birthday in dialysis with Mum and Stacey :)

As usual my family were incredible and made my birthday lovely. I'm not really sure when it happened but Stacey & I have started dressing the same! The same day I got a hat, she got the same one. We also wore similar dresses on my birthday! I wouldn't mind if she didn't look better in everything! My best friend, Kiran & her boyfriend Neal even spent the entire weekend with me this year. She's a special one :)

On the 6th we drove to the Lake District for my Mum's 50th. It was a present to her from me, Stacey, Kierran, Dan, my Grandma & Grandad. Unfortunately after all my Grandad's chemotherapy, he was too unwell to come with us.
It was a mega long drive (4hours!) we got to the cottage we had booked and it was lovely! 
Literally as soon as we got there I put my feet up! Ha!

We went on a few walks, round cute little villages and had a few meals out (we were only there thurs-sun). It was awesome just hanging out with my favourites. Would have been an amazing trip if Stacey had her guide dog though! He would've loved it!
Babbling brook :p

All in all I think my mum enjoyed it! I know we all did, I didn't wanna come home!

After that there was my Uncle's 40th which we celebrated at a local Indian Restaurant in Coventry 'The Ocean' which of you get chance- go! The food was awesome and what made it special was the main waiter, he was absolutely hilarious!
Stacey working the bowler hat and extensions.

The biggest thing that happened in March however, was the new addition to our family.
In my last Stacey related post I said she had up to 6 months to wait for a guide dog. Well as little as a few weeks later... Meet Toffee......

He is an 18 month old cross between a golden retriever and a Labrador and he is quite honestly the most beautiful dog I've ever met. We've all fallen in love with him, he is just so loving. Stacey & I took him out last Sunday for his first free run around the local park with her guide dog trainer Gareth. Stacey has to learn to get Toffee to always respond to her. With her being partially sighted he is able to run around and have fun but always know that he must look after her as well. Which he does amazingly well!

More on Stacey and Toffee as I hear about it! Unfortunately with me living in Nottingham and they are in Coventry I don't get to spend much time with them but he is definitely an excuse to go home more! Such a cutie!

In between all of these things I've been to see Jack Whitehall live at Nottingham Capital FM Arena (if you have a chance, go see him live, he is hilarious!) #pray4theking 

It was also my besties 23rd birthday which we celebrated in style at Centreparcs Aqua Spa in Sherwood. Lots of cake, sparkling wine and relaxation in its many rooms. We're thinking of making it a 3 monthly thing cause we both left feeling incredible!

1) Stacey & her boyfriend, Kierran. 2) Toni & I at Charli's birthday night out. 3) Stacey, Laura & I from Laura's Birthday night out. 4) the BFF & I. 5) Toni's little girl Lacey pulling faces.

So my March was fun filled and exhausting! How was yours?!


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