Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Little About Me.

It's April. Can someone please explain to me how this happened?! This year is going stupidly fast, before long it'll be Christmas again!

So, this blog is predominantly a diary about my sister and her overcoming her illness. However, with her doing amazingly well recently there is less and less to report on so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and make it more of a life blog. 

With that in mind, here's more about me if you're interested :)


Watching- well, The Walking Dead has just finished and what a finale that was! No spoilers though! It was just awesome. So now I'm looking forward to the start of the next season of Game of Thrones starting tomorrow and the last season of Californication next weekend. I am a HUGE fan of both of these programmes and love Hank Moody to death. I am also still watching Supernatural which I think is on season 9 (?) at the moment. This programme is close to my heart, I've watched it since the start in 2005 and feel like I've grown up with Sam & Dean.
Those who know me know that I watch way too much tv and read way too many books!

Listening To- I've just bought A Great Big World's album 'Is there anybody out there?' and it is beautiful! You'll probably all have heard their song with Christina Aguilera 'say something'. I am completely in love with the album, it has such a good vibe and I find myself dancing around the kitchen singing along. I am also completely obsessed with all things Taking Back Sunday and with their new album being out, I have it on repeat!

Reading- At the moment I am re-reading all of the Harry Potter books. Currently I'm up to The Half Blood Prince (book 6 out of 7) and I fall more and more in love with them with every chapter I read. I've actually read them a gazillion times before but if I ever want to get sucked into the world of Harry Potter I tend to watch the films instead. I'm always one for saying that books are better than films and this series is no exception, there's so much more magic in the books and more to the relationships than what you see on the screen. I'm even getting that nervous fluttery feeling in my stomach knowing I'm almost at the last book!

Looking Forward To- Glasgow! I'm going on a long weekend away on the 18th for the boyfriend's Grandad's 70th birthday and it's a massive family reunion. I absolutely love Dan's (my) family, they're all hilarious and I'm lucky that were all so close. Dan & I may not be married but I definitely class his brother and sister as mine too as well as all his cousins and I love any excuse to get together with them all.
There's also McBusted at the end of the month! I don't think there's anyway to express my excitement for this!

Loving- So much! Spring is officially upon us and I LOVE it. It's lighter in the mornings, the sun is shining (most of the time) and everyone just seems happier! I'm loving all the plans I'm making with friends and family, I'm loving that Stacey is getting better everyday, and I'm loving that we're moving in the next couple of months to a beautiful house.

Well I have rambled on for far too long. How's your April looking? Any recommendations for books/ films/ music is much appreciated. I'm always on the lookout for something new.



  1. OOoo those questions look familiar ;) Been on my blog by any chance?
    Love this post and love that you're posting a bit more! :)

    Charli | Charlotte Rose

  2. Lol maybeeeeeeeeee :)
    I always read your posts and I liked this one lol xx