Monday, 3 February 2014


Stacey ready for her Uni Ball.

My bestie recently told me that she loves to read my blog about Stacey, but I always start off cheery and end up leaving her in tears, sorry Charli! So this is a happier, cheerier post!

I ventured home to Coventry last weekend for my BFF's birthday, and as always, I stayed over at my parent's house. Thank god I did as I got to see my beautiful sister all dressed up like a princess to go to her Uni Ball with her boyfriend and her friends. Unfortunately when Stacey became ill she only had 3 months left of university and then she would have been a fully trained Nurse. The uni are being amazing and holding her placement open until 2016 for if/when her sight returns and she can complete her degree however, this did not stop her from saying well done and celebrating her friends passing their degrees and getting jobs.

Stacey had a surprise for everyone though, she usually has a short bob that recently due to the crazy amounts of medication she is on, dialysis twice a week and long stays in hospital beds, has started falling out. She came out of her bedroom at 7pm a changed person! She had been to the hairdressers earlier that day and had long blonde extensions put in, that even her boyfriend didn't know about and she had done all her makeup herself!

She looked like a Barbie doll :)

Totally didn't stop her trying to ruin my nice photo!

They partied til the early hours and only managed to get home just half an hour before Dan and I at 2am!
Also, earlier that day my mum and I were going into town and Stacey decided she was going to join us, however instead of coming in the car with us she decided to use it as an excuse to do some more training with her mobility cane. She has been told she needs to go out and learn routes to places she would normally go to in preparation for getting a guide dog. After being really apprehensive about letting her out of the house on her own being partially sighted, I was completely surprised when she beat us into town! Stacey had managed to walk to the bus stop, get on the bus and get to the shop in town before us and we were in the car! I was so proud. She was also completely hilarious using her cane to part people like the red sea... people were jumping out of the way of her walking so fast.
Witnessing how incredibly strong she is after everything that has been thrown at her just shows that things can only get better and with her strength and courage there is nothing stopping her.


  1. Well, I almost cried again! But out of happiness :) so happy to see our Stacey bouncing back!

  2. I honestly can't believe how well she's done, she has her set backs occasionally but she's so stubborn she doesn't let anything stop her :) x