Monday, 17 February 2014


I'm getting really lax at keeping up to date with this blog! Sorry!
However now that Stacey is doing pretty well there seems to be less to talk about (which is definitely a good sign!)
I may even start doing some different posts on here, whatever takes my fancy, just to fill out the blog when there is no news to report :)

So, last week we had some bad news. My Aunty Suzanne is the latest candidate for 'The Kidney Factor' (yes I made that up and its awesome). This involves some heavy tests, starting off with blood work and tissue matching then onto kidney and breathing tests. To check that my Aunty is a match for the first round the hospital have to have up to date vials of Stacey's blood to compare it.
However, since moving from three lots of 4 hour dialysis a week to two 3 hours a week, her blood work has got worse and she has felt more poorly because of it. This means unfortunately its back up to 3 days a week and Stacey HATES it. she has dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings which means the days in between she is recovering then she's back to it again. It really drains her.

Stacey over the last few months :)
Buuuuuut, as it says in the blog title, the good news outweighs the bad. The same day she found out about dialysis, she also found out that she has been put forward for tests to find out if her body is fit enough for her kidney transplant. At the moment she is not on the kidney transplant list due to her body not being fit enough for surgery if a kidney match comes up. Her tests are due next week and if she passes (?) she will be put on the transplant list and her doctor is hopeful that she will have a new kidney within 4 months!
Not only that, but Stacey found out a couple of days later that the guide dog tests that she had taken a few weeks ago have meant that she should get a guide dog in the next 6 months due to her being young, fit and at least slightly aware of her surroundings meaning she can be matched with a lot of different dogs.
So much good news! Stacey has already bought the dog its first toy, she's so excited!


Stacey & I - October 2013.
Thank you for reading :)

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